The CSR Hub NRW addresses start-ups in particular. Such early stage companies can take the opportunity to integrate responsible management in their business model right from the beginning since the later they start, the more costly it can be. Regardless of whether it involves motivating staff, defining unique selling points or identifying and managing risks, CSR measures represent a cutting-edge topic and can also help to make products and services more attractive. The CSR Hub NRW also aims to raise awareness for CSR among the financial partners of start-ups.

CSR Hub NRW is being realised together by the CSCP Think and Do Tank, the Business Angels Network Deutschland e.V. (BAND) and the Ministry for Economic Affairs, Energy and Industry of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Corporate social responsibility pervades the entire business model. Key topics can be identified in almost every area in which it is possible to integrate the elements and concepts of responsible corporate management. To maintain a clear overview, it is initially appropriate to focus on topics which arise particularly frequently during everyday business life.

Marketing and communication:
The question of whether and how one communicates about corporate responsibility can be a double-edged sword. It is a lost opportunity if a company fails to attempt to differentiate itself in the market on the basis of its particular commitment. If it decides on the wrong methods and channels of communication however, its achievements can be perceived as mere "green washing". In this respect, differentiating and choosing the correct communication techniques and target groups is key.

Supply chain management:
The transparency of the supply chain is a topic which is growing in importance. Are the wages paid to workers in foreign countries fair? Are environmental concerns taken into account during the manufacturing of products? There is more than one possible answer to these questions, not to mention any amount of labels and certificates to consider. Before attempting to cut through the thicket of one's own supply chain, it is necessary to identify possible problems (hot spots), and the best place at which to embark on improvements.

Human resources:
Motivated employees are the most important resource for a successful company. Research has often shown how important it is for staff to be able to both identify with their work and to recognise the added value of their personal efforts. This applies to positive environmental and social impacts in particular. Further training, appreciation and development opportunities are also a key component for efficient and successful personnel management.

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