We are pleased to provide you with some information and tips on the accessible use of this website.

Keyboard short cuts via access keys

The following access keys are uniformly available on our website at all times:

  • 0 Start page
  • 1 Latest news
  • 2 Sitemap
  • 3 Help
  • 4 Contact
  • u Companies
  • b Ambassadors
  • n Networks
  • p Politics
  • c CSR standards

Keyboard usability

All of our web pages can also be used with the Tab function on the keyboard.

Simple language

We try to use simple language as far as possible.

Font size

The font size can be set in the top right via the auxiliary navigation.
Alternatively, you can also change the page by pressing the following key combinations:
CTRL and + to enlarge
CTRL and - to minimize